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Spindlewood INSTA-FI

Permanent or Temporary Wifi which is plug & play straight out of the box, anywhere! 


About Insta-Fi

What is Insta-Fi?

Insta-Fi is instant Wifi for Individuals, Domestic and Business use.

Temporary Wifi or Permanent Wifi which is plug & play straight out of the box, anywhere! 

Operational within seconds of switching it on.

It can provide a quick permanent or temporary internet connection or a mobile wifi hotspot, for people always on the move.

Insta-Fi comes set up already, all you need to do is open the box and plug it in!

Who is it for?

Anyone with an urgent Wifi need!

  • Temporary Offices

  • Failover or back-up internet connections

  • Pop-up retail stands

  • Construction Sites

  • Taxis or coaches

  • Bars, Cafes or Restaurants

  • Holiday homes or cottages

  • Outdoor markets or bar payment systems

  • Events, conferences & product launches

What Can It Do?

  • Providing up to 60mbps download and 10mbps upload of Wifi internet

  • Providing Wifi coverage for up to 30x devices within 15metres of the Insta-Fi router

  • Indoor operation (desk mounted) for home or office operation

  • Weatherproof for outdoor operation (pole mounted) ideal for larger areas or outdoor events, construction sites or pop-up stands


What Can Insta-Fi Be Used For?

General Web Surfing

temporary wifi

Insta-Fi is great for instant, out of the box internet and can be used for general web browsing, office use or watching a movie.

Short Term Wifi

student wifi

Moving home or office and there isn't any wifi? Or perhaps you work in a temporary office?

Insta-Fi is perfect for short-term, immediate wifi internet.

When you're finished just post the

Insta-Fi unit back to us.

Failover Connection

Insta-Fi is an affordable solution to provide emergency internet back up for permanent networks should the main internet incomer fail.

Insta-Fi can also be provided with a Public IP address.

Pop Up Retail Stands

Providing wifi at a temporary retail stand or brand activation is a perfect way to attract more people or to keep people there for longer.

Insta-Fi can be easily set up and working within minutes.

Construction Sites

Insta-Fi is perfect for professionals who need connectivity in their temporary place of work, such construction sites.

Insta-Fi can also provide short term internet to the completed building project until a more permanent solution can be found.

Payment Systems

More and more people now demand to pay by card. Insta-Fi can provide a low cost internet connection for EPOS and PDQ terminals to operate.


What's The Catch?

No Fixed Contract!

temporary wifi

There is no long term contract to sign with Insta-Fi, affordable Wifi is at your fingertips for as little as a day!

When you're finished simply post the Insta-Fi unit back to us and you'll stop being charged!

Network Coverage

temporary wifi

Internet speeds can vary but you'll be glad to hear Insta-Fi isn't tied to one network provider, so we can ensure the maximum speed is always achieved.

All Inclusive

temporary wifi

Includes FREE next day postage of the Insta-Fi Wifi router to any UK mainland address.

We will also support you all the way, with UK based remote support (during office hours) included.

How Much Does Insta-Fi Cost?


temporary wifi

The Insta-Fi STANDARD is perfect for;

  • Temporary domestic or small office internet connections
  • Individuals working from home or on the move
  • Pop-up retail stands
  • Internet for payment systems
  • Taxis, coaches or other mobile internet requirements
  • Holiday homes or lodges

It can be used for general web surfing, email and some gaming.

PRICES START FROM £4 (exc VAT) per day

Insta-Fi for BUSINESS

temporary wifi

Insta-Fi for BUSINESS is perfect for;

  • Temporary connections for offices with a bigger need for higher speed internet
  • Failover or back-up internet connections
  • Businesses moving location and require a temporary connection
  • Exhibitions or small events

It can be used for most office applications including email & web surfing.

PRICES START FROM £11 (exc VAT) per day

Media Bolt On

temporary wifi

The MEDIA BOLT-ON on is perfect for people who wish to watch Netflix, iPlayer or YouTube.

It provides greater bandwidth speed and copes with the higher data usage.

The MEDIA BOLT-ON can be added to your Insta-Fi on the order page.

Insta-Fi EXTRAS!

temporary wifi

Insta-Fi also comes with a number of other optional extras..

  • Fixed public IP address
  • Outdoor mounting kit for external Wi-Fi requirements
  • Professional installation & removal anywhere in the UK (mainland)

All options can be added on the order page, click the button to head over there.


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Spindlewood offer a range of permanent & temporary technical solutions for events, festivals, exhibitions, conferences, sporting occasions and product launches. We are innovators and suppliers of; Public Wifi, Temporary Wifi, Temporary Internet, Rural Internet, Business Class Telecoms, Permanent/Temporary IP CCTV, IP Audio, Temporary IT Networks and PDQ terminal hire.

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